Monday, November 30, 2009

hmmm suddenly feel like writing something again... probably because i'm soooooooo stress out... it's coming to an end though... everything in college... the busy days with assignment... the need to study for exams and finals... the days where u can decided whether u want to attend classes or not... hmmm hate to admit it... but i think i'll really miss this life...
i've been telling myself to appreciate it now because time will never go back for us... i try to enjoy every moment and every second of it nowadays... but then again... with this kind of thinking... i always tend to slack when i do my work... i can't seem to complete what i'm doing this few days... which is really ruining my mood...
everyone are motivated to go to UK but not me... i wanna go... but i just dun have to energy to put in effort for it...but... i enjoy my life now... not that stress anymore, even i always say that i'm stress, because it has become a habit d... but wth... i will grasp wat i have now before it all end next year...

*note to myself : dun think about assignment too much... it will fall in place too in the end... just enjoy what i have now before it all ends...

Monday, September 28, 2009


Believe it or not, i finally manage to fulfill my holiday resolution! But the feeling is so different from how i was expecting to feel. hahaha wanna know wat's my holiday resolution? Hahaha you would not believe it. MY HOLIDAY RESOLUTION IS TO BE ABLE TO LIE DOWN ONE WHOLE DAY ON BED AND IF POSSIBLE TO GROW ROOTS AND BEAR FRUIT XD.

Of course, the bearing fruit and growing root part are unreal.well, it's just i wanna have a very very long sleep and rest. because i've been lacking it in the past semester... but then...instead... it comes with a side effect...

I don't know if anyone is similar like me... i have the tendency to get very hungry after i wake up... so it's like.... the more i sleep the more i eat... and not to forget the more tired i will get... and instinctively... my brain is telling me that it is very very UNHEALTHY... so... resolution consider fail i guessed XD

Monday, September 21, 2009

Argh!!!! just saw this particular blog that make me super angry!!! i mean SUPER SUPER angry!!! To be honest, i never felt so annoyed in my life. Well, yes, watever a person write in her blog, it's none of my business, but again, i hope someone can knock some senses into her!!! Because she's seriously becoming an annoying fucking bitch!!! Oh, and not to mention, i dun even know her. To hate someone that you don't even know, that person must be freaking annoying or bithcy.

FIRST OF ALL, WAT'S YOUR PROBLEM???!!! YOU ARE SO NOT GONNA SURVIVE IF/ ONCE MALAYSIA TURNS INTO A FREE COUNTRY!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! WAT DOES LESBIANS HOLD AGAINST YOU!!! haiz, i'm being overreacting, but what the heck, people has the right to choose what they like or love. Like hyun joong oppa always say, 'life is only one shot'! we should live as we like, and do things that we like or will never regret. I've respect all the lesbian and gays that i have seen, because they are nicest person in the world. They might be even nicer than a normal couple! So stop dissing! You make me feel so embarrassed, and to think that i was once in the same school with you.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

JuSt A tHoUgHt

Hihi!! Finally, i've came back!! As usual, i have nothing to write today... Nothing much to share... because... its exam week!!! i've notice that i've only touch my blog during exam... lame... and even though, i have nothing to write at all...

Been seeing some of the blogs belonging to my frens, and my roommates. argh, how can they produce tons and tons of blogs entry, when i can't even produce one. And on top of that, they have much more things to share than me!!! haiz!!!

I have to start changing my lifestyle, have to learn to enjoy life and capture every moment of it. i'm taking my first step though! Going to Genting with my frens this coming Tuesday, can't wait to spend time with them!

Tuesday ah, u faster come la, my heart is racing damn fast, by just having the thought of you. I SIMPLY ADORE YOU! PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

rAiNy DaYs

ah... i have no idea wat season it is now but it is raining non-stop. (i'm so sure it's not rainy season yet...) But it's not really a big deal since raining has been something common in Malaysia.

I've love the rain since i was young, because it's all cooling and wet. Running in the rain always makes me excited, eventhough the aftermath of it is i'll get all wet and everything feel soggy and it just make me unpresentable( the effects differ from ppl, some might look sexy XD). It's even better if it rains in the morning and especially on Sunday, where u get to sleep in and the rain makes ur room a bit cooling. By then, your bed will be your heaven, and you would not want to leave it even though you're having a date after one hour.

But everything has it's downpour sometimes. Lately, i've learn to hate rain as well... it's really troublesome. First of all, it wet ur clothes. I'm not talking about the clothes you're wearing. It's the clothes you're hanging out to dry. See, i'm a lazy person, no doubt. I always feel lazy to take in my clothes and i'll always dily-deli and will ended up taking my clothes in when i desperately need to do my second batch of laundry. and whenever that day comes, it'll rain heavily. and when i get back from work, everything will be drench wet and needs to stay on the dryer longer. but of course, because of the huge amount in my second batch laundry, i have no choice but to take it in, away from where they are suppose to be. Well, like the saying, desperate situation takes desperate measure. And ta-da, my hair dryer will be there to save the day.


I know nobody does that, and i seriously dunno why nobody does that, but i find it useful sometimes. i just sit there, on my hairdryer, and start blowing all my shirts. and well, for some material it dries up pretty quickly, but for others, it's a bit slow, so i'll just leave it in my room and let the fan continues this faithful duty. HAHAHAH, whenever i think about it.... i couldn't believe it, that i've just used MOI HAIRDRYER TO BLOW DRY MY CLOTHING, AND SERIOUSLY, IT WORKS!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


that is how i feel now... neutral... not happy and not sad... just in between of it...
Nothing's been going on in my life nowadays... even when we go out for shooting... it's just ok... because i never get to do anything... i like to call myself the equipment girl, at least i get to carry equipment. Or probably, i look like a nanny or something like dat because all the guys are running around chasing after stars and time, while i just sit there and stare at them...because all the position is fill up, and i have nothing to do...
In the office, well, at least i get to do some typing and stuff. but it's really little. so again, i spend my time in the office spacing out and stare again out of the window... LOL i can consider myself as an expert in staring now... because i've been spending so much time doing it that i think i have already master this particular 'skill'.
Oh, and not to forget, i'm also a driver to my fren. Although he's been threatening me by saying he wanna fire me, and always scolds foul language in the car, always frighten me in the car, well, i still seek comfort in it, because it makes me un-neutral. because he makes me laugh. I MEAN LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL), ROLL ON FLOOR LAUGH (ROFL). of course i dun roll in my car la. and i can laugh like from ampang to wangsa maju, and ppl keep staring out of their car window at me! and I LIKE IT!! wanna do something crazy!!! anyone has any idea wat i can do to color up my life?? XD

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm A LoSeR

it's been like so long d, i've only manage to write like 10 post in my blog, T.T i can even count using my finger. Jon in the other hand, wrote line 30 over post. seriously, this blog thing is not working for me, whenever i have the inspiration to write, i will lost it immediately after sitting infront of it. I'll be thinking, 'this sux, so lame'
yes, my life is lame, haha if i were to blog everyday, it won't be a blog anymore, instead, it'll be like an educational discussion board, by putting down or doing short notes on wat the lecturer have taught everyday.
I'm still searching for that adventure though, the one in which i can go thru it myself, and probably write a story book about it. like wat frodo baggins go thru, but of course la, i dun expect to duel with magician or running away from troll and all that, just something out of the ordinary. because seriously, this type of things just dun happen in my hostel room. unless... well, someone is willing to take me to a journey XD.
last exam paper ler, no mood to study... T.T i've given up on A's and aiming only pass from now on, life is so much simpler and easier and more relaxing. compare to last time. haha, working life is coming! to good part is no more exam!!! yeah!!! the down part would, i have no idea wat i'm putting myself into. XD new environment, new working method... seriously hope everythings goes well...